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Fashion Tips How to Kill the Broad Shoulders

Fashion Tips How to Kill the Broad Shoulders. Actually in broad shoulders, women appear to have a classic body feature with an inverted triangle body-shape. This doesn’t mean women with other body shapes including apple, rectangle, hourglass and pear shaped are relieved from this feature.

I have seen how most of the women feel self-conscious about the their wide shoulders, which creates a disproportionate to their hips.

The trick is to flatter and flaunt your best assets, which will automatically shift the attention from the flaw areas. For instance, if you’ve strong and tall legs then you can carry something that flaunts your beautiful limbs and if you have a slim waist then you can go for outfits that highlight your curves.

Let’s look at some dresses for broad shoulders:
Keep it short and sweet

This is the first on how to dress broad shoulders. If you have slim thighs and great legs then irrespective of your height, short dresses can look extremely cute and adorable on your body. While picking knee-length or sort dresses, focus on the cut that flaunts your curves making your waist look tiny and cute. The dress should have flares flowing downwards.

No matter whether it’s regular or party wear, do not overlook the sleeve and neck design as the trick actually lies here. Do not go for boat neck designs, floret arm designs and no shoulder pads please. Instead, let the silhouette do the talking. You can also pick dresses with asymmetrical skirt.

Broad shoulder dress styles also include laser cut dresses, floral mesh dresses and dry lake dresses. These are some of the fabulous items from short dress collection to go for. Try on and feel the difference!

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Score upon fit and flares

Since it isn’t possible to get how to get rid of broad shoulders, we might as well dress them up so they look sexy, right?

Since we are trying to work on the ‘broad shoulder’ thing, we should always focus on defining the curves by highlighting the waist, slimming down hips and cutting down neck designs that highlight the broadness.

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you should try to maintain a balance between the two. in this case, the fit and flare will come to your rescue. Since it’s winter, you can easily score upon camel coats paired with fit & flare dresses like one by Ted Baker.

Since such dresses have flares at the bottom, you can easily hide your big thighs. On the other hand, the flare will create an illusion of wider bottoms thereby maintaining perfect balance.

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Go backless

Dresses, salwar kameeez and blouses with deep back designs and even backless are extremely feminine fashion attributes that can instantly add some glamor quotient to your personality. The sculpted back designs can vary depending upon the occasion and place. When you are opting for plunging back designs then avoid wearing short dresses instead go for knee length or ever longer silhouettes to maintain the elegance.

Broad straps actually work

You may find this strange but wide straps actually work for broad shoulders. Rather than going for fine straps for your A-line dresses or fit & flare outfits, go for wide straps and see the difference yourself. Avoid going strapless as it will only enhance your shoulders, making your body look out of proportion.

Here are a few do’s and don’t s for you:

# Go for V-neck and scoop-neck, which show some skin, splitting up the expanse of your shoulder area
# Wear wide-leg pants, as they will balance your broadness at the top
# Go for full skirts, which will give you the appearance of a proportioned look
# Go for raglan sleeves, as they’ll help soften any sharp edges in your silhouette
# Do look for jackets and blazers that are a little longer and hit at the hip instead of the waist

# Don’t wear shoulder pads
# Don’t go for fitted blazers and jackets as they will clearly define your shoulders
# Don’t button up the waist of your jackets as it will easily give you the inverted triangle shape which you’re trying to avoid
# Don’t wear spaghetti straps, instead go for a tank top with wider straps

A strict ‘no’ to
# Strapless tops
# Spaghetti straps
# Halter necks
# Shoulder pads
# Off the shoulder
# Square necklines
# Horizontal lines
# Sleeves
# Skinny Jeans
# Tight tops
# Small waist
# Bolero jackets

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