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Exposed! The Most Scintillating Oral Sex Positions

This article is for men and women so both of you guys can read. Everyone needs to be sexually aroused. Your partner will definitely show you gratitude if you go into the bedroom with new skills. He or she will go crazy with the strategies I will teach you.

Use the 69 position. This is a great position because you are both being stimulated at the same time. If your being stimulated during oral sex it will turn you on enough to improve your abilities.

Having your partner sit doggy style, held up by their hands and knees, you can pleasure your partner by laying on your back between his or her legs. This position is especially good for women because it opens the vagina for your tongue to access. Men like this position because it is actually backwards and feels different from ordinary oral sex.

Using the edge of the bed offers amazing benefits. While on the floor you do not have to hold yourself up with your hands leaving them open to pleasure the G-spot (for men) or the penis (for women). Also, at the edge of the bed, a woman can open her legs for deep tongue penetration.

The final, and really the hottest position is done with you on your back. Have your partner place their vagina or penis in your mouth and do all the work. This will allow them to control all the sensation and send them into an orgasm in an instant. Your partner will definitely thank you for this one.

Source by G. Crandall

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