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Enjoy Sex by Losing Weight

A fat belly, a clumsy body and a soft bed! Sounds sexy? Well, the combination does not seem to work for a real sex life. This would make you less attractive and your sex drive would diminish gradually. On the other hand, you look smarter, more attractive, and sexy if you lose weight. This will also help you enjoying a great sex life.

Let me describe you the study directed by Martin Binks on 160 obese females and obese 25 males. They were monitored for 2 years, and as per the data collected every quarter, all the participants had some or the other problem in their sex life. Once they shed their extra pounds, their sex life showed a remarkable improvement.

Do you know over weight people have sex problems because the excess fat narrows the arteries providing blood flow to penis. These stops their functionality of having inspection and penetration. Whereas a blocked blood vessel in women's clitoris reduces the response time and desire for sex or orgasm.

Excess body fat also has another negative effect on the hormone levels in your body. It leads to overproduction of the hormone "sex hormone binding globulin," which suppresses the sex hormone called testosterone. This causes a significant fall in the stimulation or sex desire. The study further indicates that a reduction of fats by 10% improved the production of "testosterone," which improved the desire for sex among participants.

A low fat diet consisting of fruits and vegetables aimed at weight reduction helps in controlling the blood sugar level and cholesterol, which also enhances the sex drive. Note that a good blood flow to genital organs helps in improving your libido. So exercise regularly. You can even go for your favorite physical activity such as cycling or yoga. All of these help in strengthening the thigh muscles and pelvis.

So, lose weight today, to achieve a better sex life! Obesity can cause lots of problems in your life, and reduced desire for sex is one such problem which you would never like to experience.

Source by Jenny R Smith

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