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Clitoris and G Spot Massage Stimulation Guide For Body Shaking Orgasms That Go On And On

Clitoris and G spot massage stimulation is a wonderful skill for all men to become more expert in. Many women only orgasm for clitoris stimulation.

First, you need to realize that you need to touch all of your lover's body before going down to her vulva. The positive pole of a woman's sexuality is her heart and breast area. It is vital to open this area up first with some sensual foreplay on her whole body.

A big mistake males make is to not to be present in your touch. If you are in your head while you touch, most women will feel this and will tend to be turned off. By checking her body language you can see when she is ready for more direct massage on the clitoris. Every woman is unique in what she likes in regard to clitoris massage.

Clitoris Massage Tips

I suggest to start massaging the surrounding whole vulva area first. Use some gentle kneading with your fingers.One can use soft kisses and some gentle blowing. Do not blow into the vulva. Most women love the clitoris touched but some do not. The best way to learn this is to watch her masturbate.

G Spot Massage Tips

I have found that alternating clitoris massage and g spot massage can lead to mega orgasms. I cover how to massage the g spot in my free sexuality newsletter below. I describe over 20 vulva massage strokes as well as over 15 penis massage strokes too.

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