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Christian Tips on Sex

Sex within a Christian marriage should be a very important, vital part of your union. It is an amazing form of celebration which God has provided and should thus be celebrated often and performed to the most satisfying level possible! My favorite Christian tips on sex can be summed up by saying: Learn, learn, learn! Allow me to explain:

1. Learn Pleasure!

Christian tips on sex should center around learning how to pleasure your partner. Since sex is such a great gift, we should learn how to practice it in a manner where our partner is experiencing incredible joy. In order to do this, it is up to us to learn different forms of safe pleasuring. This can make a huge difference in many Christians sex life, improving it greatly!

2. Learn "Rules"!

Often times Christian couples will be puzzled by what exactly is allowed in sex for Christian intimacy. There are some obvious things we know, but what about certain positions, the use of sex toys, and certain techniques? These have different options and it should be up to you and your mate to research and come to agreement on what you want to allow in your Christian sex life.

3. Learn Techniques and Tips!

One of the best Christian tips on sex is actually learning more tips! There are so many ways you can improve intimacy together that it's best to get an online Christian sex manual so you can easily learn as many techniques and tips as possible. You will also learn important issues or problems that will arise within your Christian intimacy. Rules will be addressed as well as answers to common sexual problems can be immediately dealt with so your intimacy can continue immediately.

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