Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Sakura was sitting straight as a Newell post, hands clasped over her closely set knees. The skirt Paxton had chosen for her was tighter than she was used to, and she was acutely aware of how much her thighs were revealed in her current position. Her blouse was eggshell beige, creating a strong contrast with the crisp, black skirt without overstating her presence.

Dr. Lanyard slouched in the padded chair behind his desk looking at her over the top of his glasses. His hands were clasped in front of him, and he was nervously tapping his thumbs together, revealing the discomfort with long moments of silence she’d seen in so many people since her arrival.

But she had nothing to say, so she said nothing.

The man raised his thumbs and scratched at his chin through several days’ worth of dark stubble. His hair was spangled with occasional grey which had yet to reach his face.

“Don’t you have any questions…” he peered at the monitor on the corner of his desk, “…Sakura?”

She gave the question a moment of sincere consideration, even though she sensed he was only trying to fill an empty space.

“No, sir,” she finally said. “I am thankful for your good advice, and I believe my schedule will be very fine.”

Her legs were bare, and she was deeply conscious of the total baldness of her pussy. Paxton had not allowed panties. She lowered her eyes and squeezed her thigh muscles. Ever since Elizabeth had been keeping her completely shaved, she felt in touch with every pore of her tender skin. It was as if she were gradually becoming a new organism.

“You can change your mind about any of your courses up to three weeks into the semester, but they’re all basic requirements you’ll need to pass before you can graduate anyway. Might as well just get them out of the way in your first year.”

It was the second time her academic advisor had told her as much.

“Yes, sir,” she nodded as if she were hearing it for the first time, surreptitiously squeezing her thighs.

Lanyard’s eyes drifted briefly to the front of her short sleeved blouse. Paxton had allowed her to wear a demi bra after Elizabeth protested it would’ve been mean to force her to go to her first meeting on campus without a bra at all. Her nipples had ridden above the lace edges of its abbreviated cups. Between the silky roughness of the lace and the breeze light brush of the silk blouse, her nipples had been swollen even before setting foot in her advisor’s office.

Ever since arriving in the country, she’d grown increasingly self-conscious of the prodigious size of her nipples. Elizabeth’s struck her as being dainty yet fierce at the same time, with the deep coral flush that suffused them when they grew hard. Sakura’s were so large and agonizingly sensitive they were practically sexual organs in and of themselves. Elizabeth had told the girl she was envious, but Sakura felt she was truly the envious one.

Lanyard shifted in his chair to lean forward onto his desk. He took his glasses off and set them aside on top of a manila folder overstuffed with papers. His eyes were a shade of deep chocolate, and his gaze seemed more intent without his glasses.

His look slowly drifted down, over the thick points of her nipples, to the supple roundness of her thighs. As he brought his eyes back up to meet hers, she moved her hands to her lap and crossed her legs. His eye contact held. The brief touch of air on her unprotected pussy made Sakura’s blood run warmer, even as she regretted the bold foolishness of her gesture. It was the first time since her arrival that she’d done anything of importance on her own. It wasn’t like her.

Lanyard was a careless man. He should’ve been more careful in his way of looking at the young coeds who sat in his office trusting his guidance. As a professor at Regent College – a small, highly exclusive and costly school – he was too rough around the edges to seem professional. He was a handsome enough man, fit looking, but unshaved and in need of a haircut. He wore jeans and an oxford shirt that wasn’t tucked in and open too far down his chest. No college or university in her homeland would ever take such a man seriously.

He was nothing compared to Paxton.

“You’re not exactly the typical freshman I meet with here,” he told her. “You’re a little older, for one thing. And the obvious cultural difference aside, I have to admit I’m a little worried about your fitting in and feeling comfortable here.”

She nodded. “Thank you for your concern, sir. I have no doubt I will receive a very fine education here.”

While his eyes were still steadily on hers, she squeezed her thighs hard. With her legs crossed, the extra pressure on her clit was nearly tortuous. The image flashed unbidden through her mind of Paxton’s solidly defined buttocks flexing as he straddled her naked body on his bedroom floor. He’d been facing her feet, dragging his inflated cock across her skin to tease his wife’s mouth while she’d been licking Sakura’s pussy.

Even in his nastiest, most lust intoxicated moments, Paxton maintained his innate sense of elegance and decorum. Nor did he ever miss an opportunity to voice his undying love for his beautifully sensuous wife.

“An education is more than just sitting in a classroom taking notes,” Lanyard said. “It’s also about being part of a whole community. Forging friendships. Spontaneous discourse. It’s about the whole environment you’re in.”

“Thank you, sir. I will remember your important words.”

The advising professor flopped back into his chair and sighed, a strain of exasperation showing on his face. It didn’t matter. Her purpose was no one’s concern but hers and the Paxtons’.

The man finally pulled a business card out of the top drawer of his desk. He quickly wrote something on it and slid it across the desk.

“My email address, office and cell numbers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need something.”

“Am I excused now, sir?”

“Unless you have anything to ask…I guess you are.”

As she uncrossed her legs, she caught his eyes darting between them. In the fleeting second she imagined he could see the flash of her bare pussy, she thought she knew the sensation of what it would be like to be someone else. Someone thoroughly unlike her.

She stood up, straining to keep her outward calm as she stepped toward the desk to pick up the card. She took a moment to study it, then looked over at the professor’s face. He was watching her nipples, not realizing he’d been caught.

“I’m sure everything will be fine,” she said.

He brought his eyes up to her face. “I don’t do this, by the way. In case you’re wondering.”


“I don’t give my personal number to students.”

“Just me?” Her blood ran a couple more degrees hotter. She wasn’t trying to tease him. And yet she was. She didn’t like him. And yet she did. He was unappealing. And yet he was.

“Something like that, yes. Please don’t share it with anyone.”

“Thank you for your kindness,” she said.

The smooth skin at the very apex of her thighs was beginning to feel slick. She took a deep breath, pushing the full roundness of her stiff-tipped breasts against her snug blouse. She was sure Paxton would have her recount the details of her day – this meeting that had really concluded several minutes ago. She could already see the faintest of smiles on his graceful mouth as he listened with Olympian patience and calm.

She wondered if he would expose himself and stroke his cock as she recounted the landmarks of her behavior. Perhaps he would instruct his beautiful wife to stroke him. Either way, she would admire them both beyond reason, yearning to be more like them – so perfectly in tune with themselves and each other. It was like watching a kind of harmonious dance of loving spirits.

She wondered if Dr. Lanyard’s cock was hard – if he’d tried to touch himself beneath his desk at any time during the conference.

It was appealing to think the appearance of a man’s cock had something to do with the character and bearing of the man himself. But that was a purely fanciful thought. Even so, she wanted to giggle aloud over the thought of comparing the professor’s cock to Paxton’s.

Her right hand moved upward to worry at the tips of her jet black hair dangling near the conspicuous impression of her nipple. She raked her long nails over the nub in the same gesture, daring the professor to look.

He accepted the challenge, his face as impassive as she hoped her own still was.

“Normally,” he said, “I meet with new students at various intervals throughout the first semester. Just to touch base and make sure everything is going well. But I’m available at any time.”

“That’s very kind, sir.”

She sensed he didn’t want her to leave, that if she walked around his desk he would turn in his chair and hold out his arms to pull her onto his lap. Her skirt would lift to an unsightly height. He would grow so hard against the firm spheres of her ass. He would sigh and touch her hair, her face, the aching tips of her inconvenient breasts. His clumsy hand would slide between her thighs and search out her uncovered pussy.

It was a cloying agony to need someone’s deepest touch at a time like this when the practical demands of life required her attention. It was wrong to feel such a need in the presence of someone other than the one she needed.

She turned to retrieve her handbag and folders on the second chair in front of Lanyard’s desk. Then, without another word, she walked out of his office.

Elizabeth was waiting.

She was standing against the car. The charcoal grey suit she was wearing would’ve looked severely businesslike if the skirt hadn’t been so short. The waist length coat was crisp and buttoned to a couple of inches above her sternum. Without a blouse or bra, the buttery tone of her skin was striking against the tailored cut of the material. Her cleavage was moderate, yet impossibly demanding of notice. Her legs were long and deceptively contoured for being as slender as they were.

The blonde smiled as Sakura approached. She’d lowered the top of the Z3, and she held her usual warm yet distant smile. But the more the younger woman came to know her, the less distant her smile became.


Elizabeth’s tone was as close to excitement as Sakura had ever heard, and she felt a deep sense of comfort in the woman’s eagerness to know how the meeting had gone.

“I will have to come four days each week,” she said apologetically. “I tried to make it less, but…”

“That’s perfectly all right,” Elizabeth broke in. “Please remember how happy we are you’re here. I’m happy to make sure you get wherever you need to go until you’re able to get a license and be more independent.”

“I understand, but it is hard not to feel like a bother sometimes.”

Elizabeth’s smile widened, and she took hold of the younger woman’s wrists. “You’re a gift, Sakura. A very beautiful, precious gift to both of us. We traveled quite extensively, you know. We met with so many young women. But you…Mr. Paxton and I just looked at each other and knew.”

Sakura believed she remembered the moment – the look they’d exchanged in their first lunch in that waterfront restaurant in Nagasaki. It felt good to let the smile burst across her face after working so hard to remain stoically cordial throughout her meeting with Lanyard. It felt like prettiness.

After a moment, the blonde’s eyes drifted lower. Sakura watched the woman’s face as she studied the conspicuously erect nipples in relief against her blouse. Her eyes lifted again, and her hands slid up the young, Asian woman’s bare arms.

When Sakura felt Elizabeth’s thumbs graze over the hard, thick tips pressing into her blouse, her hands trembled and her pulse jumped. She was intensely aware of how they were standing in the open. Even though the small, tree-lined campus was calm and quiet two weeks before classes would begin, it was anything but deserted. There were a half dozen other cars in the parking lot, and the possibility anyone could walk by at any moment made her fingertips numb.

It wasn’t the first time she and Elizabeth had been out on their own without Paxton, but it was the first time the other woman had touched her intimately outside her husband’s instructions. Sakura was sure the man was somehow behind his wife’s behavior. In a sense, it was the first time a woman had touched her this way at all. With Paxton standing by giving instructions, she still felt the illusion of being touched by a man, even if by proxy. The woman’s hands, but the man’s wishes.

Still, this was different. It was only the two of them, and whatever Paxton may have instructed his wife to do, she was as sharp and creative a creature as she was sensuous. She would not be above improvising, and Sakura would probably never know where the husband’s instructions ended and the wife’s own devices began.

However much the younger woman admired Elizabeth’s poise and beauty, she had never been attracted in such a way to a woman. But her thumbs – soft-hard pads brushing back and forth over the silk skin of her blouse, teasing the wild heat of her blood into those aching tips.

“How long have you been feeling so…stimulated?” the blonde asked calmly. “Were you feeling a bit on edge in your meeting?”

Sakura lowered her eyes. She found herself staring directly into the creamy depression between the other woman’s breasts. It wasn’t what she’d meant to do, but her skin was pampered and flawless. The scent of her subtle perfume seemed suddenly much more present.

“Yes,” Sakura replied softly. She didn’t have to look up to know what kind of smile was surely on Elizabeth’s face.

“You have spectacular breasts. Spectacular nipples. The professor…he was…distracted?”

“Yes.” She wished the blonde would break her calm control and at least press harder, take her nipples in her fingers to pinch and twist. The woman’s patient restraint was agonizing, especially after the way her teasing of the professor had backfired.

“I know he must have loved looking at those pretty legs. So bare. So…smooth. In that skirt, I have to imagine he saw quite a lot.”

“Yes.” Her voice came down to a stage whisper. The nagging pulse of heat in her pussy was beginning to fan out in waves.

“Did you think he’s a handsome man?” the blonde asked, finally exerting a very slight increase in the pressure of her thumbs.

“Perhaps. Handsome enough. But nothing compared to your husband.”

“My husband is a rare jewel. It hardly seems fair to make the comparison.”

“And yet impossible not to.”

“Of course, you’re right. Still…you caught him looking at your legs when he was straining to appear professional, yes?”


“And you wondered what he would think or want to do to you if he’d known your precious little pussy flower was completely uncovered…yes?”


“And it made you…”



“You speak as if you were there.”

“We know about people, Mr. Paxton and I,” she said. “About men, most especially. And the moment we knew who your advisor would be my husband had his background investigated. We’re not about to allow just anyone influence your life without knowing who they are. And Lanyard’s professional reputation is impeccable.”

The blonde took one of Sakura’s nipples between her thumb and index finger, pinching and twirling the thick, sensitive nub while she opened the uppermost button on her jacket with the other hand. She pushed the sides further open, exposing her own, tightly gathered nipples. Then she reached for the coed’s unattended nipple and rolled it in her fingers just as hard as the other.

“Am I the first woman to ever suckle those exquisite nipples, Sakura?”

“Yes…ma’am. I was sure you must realize that.”

“I suspected. But I wanted to hear you tell me. And have you ever suckled another woman’s nipples?”


“Are you thinking about it now?”

“Oh, yes.”

The blonde let go of Sakura’s nipples and moved behind the car to open the trunk. The newly registered freshman placed her things in the small compartment. Elizabeth closed the lid and faced the younger woman again.

“Put your hands inside my jacket,” she demanded gently. “Feel my br-…no. Feel my tits, Sakura. Fondle me. Squeeze my flesh with those beautiful hands.”

Sakura slid her hands into the gap where the other woman’s jacket hung open. Her palms slid over the soft contours of the graceful, half exposed mounds. They were silent a few moments. The younger woman cupped Elizabeth’s breasts in her hands and squeezed with audacious pressure.

“Do you like them?” asked the blonde.

“You are very beautiful.”

“What do you think Mr. Paxton would think if he could see us now?”

“I think he would remain very calm on the outside, but I think he would be very aroused.”

The blonde uttered a mild laugh. “You’re coming to know us well,” she said. “You envy me, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I hope not in a bad way.”

“No, my sweet. I didn’t mean it that way. But I wonder what you’d think if you really knew how much more I envy you?”

“I do not understand that.”

Elizabeth lowered her right hand and slipped it between Sakura’s thighs. The younger woman’s breath caught as the hand slid high, lifting the hem of her skirt with the gesture. Fingers pressed and dragged along the wet swell of her pussy lips.

“That’s your professor’s window, isn’t it?” the blonde said, nodding through the leaves of the tree she’d parked under toward the second floor window where the meeting had been.

Sakura nodded. Her grip tightened on Elizabeth’s breasts as the fingers merged with her slick folds.

“I wonder if he can see us now,” the blonde mused. “Alone in his office, after your prim, unpracticed teasing. Do you suppose he’s there? Now? Caressing his excited cock as he watches us here?”

“I…don’t know…”

Elizabeth pulled her hand from between the younger woman’s thighs and smoothed her skirt back into place with both hands. Then she took the girl’s wrists and pulled her hands free of her breasts, holding the empty pair of hands between them as she gazed into Sakura’s watery eyes.

“The next time you have a meeting with him, you’ll know the second you see the look in his eye. You’ll know.”

Sakura nodded and Elizabeth let go of her wrists. The blonde held the wet finger she’d been rubbing her pussy with to the newly registered freshman’s lips. “Taste yourself. Do you know how sweet you are?”

The younger woman’s lips parted and the finger slipped between them. She sucked. Tasting her own dew. Rolling her tongue until the finger slipped away.

The blonde was smiling as wide a smile as Sakura had seen before. “It’s been such a busy morning for you,” she announced. “What do you say we just get in the car and do something fun?”

Without waiting for a reply, Elizabeth spun away and got into the car. Sakura followed. Elizabeth unbuttoned her jacket completely before pulling her seatbelt into place. Sakura belted herself in and watched the faint smile cross the blonde’s lips as she started the car and spun out of the parking lot with squealing tires.

“Do you like going fast?” The blonde had to raise her voice as she shifted gears.

Sakura leaned back against her headrest and closed her eyes, trusting Elizabeth to take her wherever she would.

“It’s okay,” the blonde said. “Open your thighs. Feel as much as you can.”

Sakura replied with a “yes, ma’am” she knew wasn’t audible. With a hand on top of each one, she let her thighs drift open as far as she could in the snug bucket seat. Air rushed over her smooth slit. Sunlight touched her pussy for the first time. She felt…she didn’t know…couldn’t say…alive.

Suddenly the car was slowing down. The student turned to watch her benefactress squirm in the driver’s seat as she worked her short skirt up high enough to expose herself the same way while steering the car one-handed. The wind had blown strands of her hair free of her tightly arranged bun. With her jacket wide open and her skirt gathered up in a bunch, any other woman would strike Sakura as looking disheveled, but Elizabeth carried her elegance on the inside. Everything else was a mere reflection.

The woman braced herself and set both hands on the wheel, glancing over at the younger woman’s pussy. “So pretty,” she mused over the wind and whining engine.

Sakura had never thought of her own pussy as pretty. The attention the Paxtons had been lavishing between her open thighs may not have changed her mind, but at least it had made her forget her doubts for a time.

Hands firmly planted at ten o’clock and two, arms straight, Elizabeth hit the accelerator and propelled them forward with a burst of screaming power that pulled Sakura against the seat. The blonde knew both road and car well. The younger woman’s heart raced with fear and excitement. She closed her eyes and worried open the buttons at the top of her blouse, until the breeze was scraping over the hard nipples that peered out over the edges of her abbreviated bra cups.

She twisted and pulled at her throbbing nipples while the other hand pushed against the aching lips of her seeping pussy. For a few, brief seconds, she wondered if her driver was paying more attention to her or the road.

It didn’t matter. She trusted her driver. She trusted the Paxtons implicitly without even knowing why. Instinct told her it was okay, that they were kind, compassionate people despite the dark hungers they seemed to share. Especially now, she felt that much closer to Elizabeth. She was more like a confidante than her husband could be.

With another burst of speed and power, the engine sang in Sakura’s ears. She could feel the vibration of the machine through the seat, and beyond her reckoning, her pussy flushed with hot nectar. Her fingers nearly clawed at her slippery folds, stroking and thrumming over her clit as they sped toward oblivion.

Now and then she heard the rapid whoosh of a passing vehicle. Truck horns. Faceless travelers witnessing the unfolding of the terrible, hungry flower inside her.

She was at one with the air, the machine and the sun. It was as if everything was hurtling headlong to converge in the bright explosion brewing in her aching core. She released her hold on her nipples and brought the hand to her clit while two fingers of the other hand slid inside her sheath and began to pump. She fucked her pussy with ardent, graceless pumps, unconcerned for anything but the first release she would have outside of Paxton’s instruction since arriving at their house.


…until Elizabeth downshifted and Sakura felt the car slow down as it banked into a long turn.

She opened her eyes to discover they were on an exit ramp, heading toward a small town facing the waterfront. The sudden change of direction left her disoriented. And deeply frustrated, having been teetering on the edge of an explosion in her cells that still gripped every muscle and sinew. Her body was in a strange state of suspended animation while her mind was trying to catch up with the realization they were moments away from entering a populated area.

Elizabeth wore that faint smile Sakura now knew so well and usually admired. It was the kind of smile that said she knew something no one else could imagine.

The way they were both exposed felt increasingly indecent as the car slowed and banked the ramp. The younger woman never should have been foolish enough to let her guard down. She never should have trusted that fleeting illusion of freedom over a simple adrenalin rush.

Sakura hastily pulled the edges of her blouse over her breasts, hastily buttoning back up while the other woman looked as if she could have been sitting in some lavishly appointed salon sipping tea or maybe a cocktail, rather than driving onto that little, waterfront street with her breasts and pussy fully exposed to the light and air. She finally pulled into a parking space facing the water. There were rows of buildings with storefronts behind them.

With her blouse buttoned up as it had been before, Sakura unclipped her seatbelt and hurriedly pulled her skirt back into place. Although she would never say so aloud, she was vexed with Paxton over his choice of clothing for her.

Elizabeth calmly unbelted herself and turned as far in her seat as the tiny space allowed.

“I know you think I’ve duped you,” she told the half dazed younger woman. “Robbed you of an exciting moment. An experience you’d always remember. But the idea was never to let you cum on the freeway. Not today.”

Sakura nodded, unsure of how upset to allow herself to be. The other woman’s tone was placid yet direct and unapologetic. The boundaries she thought she’d been learning seemed to be shifting every moment.

“You trust me, don’t you?” Elizabeth added.

The young woman nodded. Her pussy ached, sending tendrils of blind need throughout her body. “Where are we?” She glanced down at the blonde’s shaven pussy. Still so boldly exposed. Her lips had that flushed quality now, surely swollen from the exhilaration of speed.

“I told you we were going to do something fun,” the blonde reminded her. “I want to share something with you I’d never dream of sharing with another soul. But you must promise me what we’re about to do stays strictly between us. You can never – ever – breathe a word of it to anyone. Especially Mr. Paxton. Can you do that?”

Sakura couldn’t imagine keeping a secret from Paxton. She was all but stunned to imagine Elizabeth keeping anything important from her husband. It would be a common enough thing, but she and Paxton simply weren’t like other people. The blonde placed her hand on the younger woman’s thigh and slid it under her skirt. Slender, feminine fingers touched her aching pussy.

“Sakura? Can you make that promise?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She regretted the words even before they were out of her mouth. Ever since she’d arrived, she’d felt as if, in some inexplicable way, she was on the way to belonging to them both. Now she was suddenly standing in a shadow cast across the divide between the two most deeply bound people she’d ever known. Elizabeth’s finger teased her sex lips. Subtle press and probe. It was delicious.

With her signature smile, the blonde pulled her hand back out from under Sakura’s skirt. She brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it. “Baby, you’re every bit as sweet as honey.” Then she buttoned her suit jacket and opened her door. Only when she was out of the car did she bother straightening her skirt again. Then she reached behind her head and pulled her hair loose, hastily brushing her fingers through it and letting it fall around her shoulders.

Carrying a small clutch bag in her left hand, Elizabeth took a slow, dignified stroll across the street. Sakura followed, oblivious to the storefront doorways they passed until Elizabeth stopped in front of one of them. She waited for Sakura to catch up and then opened the door and stepped in.

The younger woman immediately knew where they were. The room was long and narrow, with foot massage chairs running along the right hand wall, and manicure stations set up along the left.

There was an Asian woman sitting at a desk near the entrance. Sakura could tell immediately she wasn’t Japanese. Her complexion was much too dark, and when she greeted Elizabeth, she spoke with a musically nasal twang. Sakura had the impression she was the owner of the shop. She greeted Elizabeth by name and smiled.

The woman stood up and smiled at Sakura before turning her attention back to the blonde. “This your friend you talk about?” Elizabeth nodded. “I Melissa,” the woman said, extending a hand toward Sakura.

The woman’s smile was bright and strikingly warm while her eyes remained cool and unreadable. Sakura nodded and briefly shook her hand. She felt a fleeting twinge of envy for her American name as she dreamed of taking one herself one day.

Elizabeth went into her clutch and extracted several bills. She discreetly tucked them under Melissa’s phone on the desk.

“You have special friend,” the shopkeeper said as she walked past them to the entrance. She turned the sign to Closed and lowered the blinds, then locked the door. She led her customers past her desk to the middle of the row of pedicure chairs, motioning them into side by side seats.

“Enjoy,” she said. Then she disappeared through a door at the back of the room.

Elizabeth relaxed into her seat while Sakura felt anxious. She didn’t feel right being dressed as she was. A moment later, two men with distinctly Latino looks came out the same door Melissa had gone into. They were carrying towels and small bottles of lotion and oil. The shorter one was appealing just for his swarthy, dark haired look, but the taller one was something special. In white, skintight jeans and tank top, he had a fluid muscularity that was almost wiry.

“So good to see you again, Miss Elizabeth,” he said, sitting low on the stool in front of the blonde’s chair. The other sat down in front of Sakura.

“Always a pleasure, Rafe, but I was hoping you’d take care of my friend today.”

The younger woman felt the dull sting of Rafe’s gaze as his dark eyes openly scanned her from head to toe. She was painfully conscious of the way her nipples still stood out hard against her blouse, and the way the moisture from her pussy was still slick on her upper thighs. The smile that broke across his lips made her skin prickle with uncomfortable heat. He tapped his coworker on the shoulder and they swapped stools.

“I…I…” she tried to think of something, anything, she could say to get out of the situation Elizabeth had put her in. “But I’m not wearing panties,” she finally blurted half-heartedly.

Rafe’s smile widened. The other one started running warm water in the basin at the bottom of the massage chair and slipped Elizabeth’s shoes off her feet. The blonde reached over and ran her finger along Sakura’s forearm.

“I’m sure Rafe won’t mind,” she said, smiling wider than the younger woman had seen before.

“Of course not,” Rafe said, running water into the basin on Sakura’s side and wrapping his hand around her left ankle. He slipped her shoe off and set her foot in the basin, then repeated the process with the other foot. “We want you to be very comfortable.”

Elizabeth sighed and held Sakura’s wrist. Her own masseur had both her feet in the basin now, and was starting to wash them. Her skirt, being so much shorter, was already riding daringly high on her sleek thighs. Her pussy was fully visible to both men as they squatted on their stools.

Sakura felt impossibly foolish for uttering the most embarrassing thought she could. It was even worse than being as exposed as she was.

“Relax,” the blonde told her, lightly raking fingers over her wrist. “Everything will fine. Just imagine we’re still in the car. Let it all go.”

Sweet words. Sweet suggestions. Sweet and completely impossible. Rafe gripped both of her ankles firmly, setting his intent gaze on her eyes.

“Everything will be just right,” he reassured her. “I promise you are in very good hands. Why don’t we just get the hard part out of the way right now?”

Keeping his eyes fixed steadily on Sakura’s, his hands slid up her legs to her skirt hem. Then he carefully pushed it high up her thighs, until her legs and pussy were just as exposed as they had been in the car. But now there was a man she’d never met sitting on a low stool between her legs. She’d never had a foot massage from a man before. For that matter, Paxton had been the only man so far to touch her in any significantly way.

Even if the man was a professional, there was something intimate about a massage. Especially when it began with her feet. But there was something else. Elizabeth had paid too much money. Melissa had closed the shop and left them to themselves.

The new arrival to this strange and almost wonderful country wondered if her benefactors would ever stop surprising her.

Rafe’s hands drifted down. Sakura felt heat swarm in her core under the wet gemstones of his eyes. Don’t look at me, she wanted to cry. Look at me don’t look at me!

“So beautiful,” he said. “Such a flower. Why don’t you just close your eyes. Then it will be like I’m not even here. Only my hands.”

She nodded and closed her eyes. Everything went dark and there were only the sounds of water in the basins at their feet and the opulent sighs of the woman sitting beside her. Rafe placed her feet in the basin and began washing them. A warm feeling of calm began seeping up the contours of her smooth legs, as if her body were a sponge soaking it all in. Then she felt the warm, wet cloth running up her calves and shins. There was just the suggestion of the strength in his practiced hands beneath the fabric of the towel as he rubbed it over the lower halves of her legs.

She could hear him dip and wring out the cloth. Elizabeth’s sighs were turning into the kinds of moans Sakura had only heard her utter in the sanctity of her bedroom.

Rafe rubbed the soft coarseness of the damp towel over her thighs. He was slow but efficient, leaving no region of her skin unattended. Suddenly, the warm fabric was covering her pussy. His hand pressed it down and held. Unmoving. The pulse in the young woman’s mound beat back against his palm.

Breath. In. Breath. Out.

The first of her sighs suffused her entire being with shame. The second, with a swirl of mindless sensation. The third, with an ache for more and the faint rock of her hips against the disembodied hand swimming through her self-imposed darkness.

“Be still, little flower,” whispered the man in the shadows beyond her eyes. “I will take care of everything.”

Elizabeth moaned and moved her hand from Sakura’s wrist over her knuckles. The younger woman turned her hand underneath the other and they clasped.

Rafe was placing Sakura’s left foot on the pad. Thumbs pressing into her heel and arch, walking upward. Her body absorbed more calm, squeezing out all tension. She began to melt into the soft cradle of the chair. Her smooth, hopelessly bald pussy flushed with aching while unmercifully firm hands kneaded her calf.

Elizabeth whimpered. The grip of her hand tightened.

Sakura wasn’t sure where she was or what was going on when Rafe placed her foot back in the basin and picked up the other. Strong hands. Agile fingers. Uncaring, yet somehow caressing her as if caressing her very nerves. Patiently urging sensations of delirious pleasure into her bones.

Despite what Rafe had said, keeping her eyes closed did little to make her forget how swollen and aching her pussy was. She couldn’t ignore the heavy trickle of honey down the petals of her slit. She was wetting the surface of her seat just as she had in the car, almost a she had back in the professor’s office.

What kind of unmentionable creature had she become?

There was a plastic click, followed by a soft, mechanical hum. Elizabeth’s hand clenched tighter, and her soft moan slowly morphed into a husky purr.

Sakura felt her foot being placed back in the basin with the other. Gently pulsing jets of water swirled around them as she felt the hands push her knees far apart. She knew from the position of his hands he had to be standing now. Looking down on her. The humidly tacky splay of her untouched pussy fell on her conscience with profound disgrace. Her soul was trying to escape her body through her ripening clit. A blossom of terrible agony unfolding deep inside her core.

He was kneading her thighs. Both at once. Fingers clawing into the muscle with gathering force. Pussy lips thick and heavy with their own saturation.





The whimper-gasp pushed through her lips when Rafe finally slid the pads of his fingers over the folds of her slit. He was a stranger. His hands were intoxicating obscenities. She was the fire and the ashes in one.

She gripped back hard at Elizabeth’s hand while the fingers invaded the lacquered walls of her sheath. Fat, hard thumb across her clit. Pressing and pushing and grinding back and forth.

He was inside her. This beautiful stranger who would never love her. It was only his fingers, but he was in her. Sliding. Pumping. Oh god, she was being fucked.

She opened her eyes and found him deeply concentrated on her pussy. Standing. There was an imposing bulge in the tightness of his jeans betraying the hardness of his cock. If he had shoved off his pants at that very moment and plunged it inside her she would have screamed. The thought alone was almost enough to make her cry out.

He didn’t seem to notice she’d opened her eyes, being so deeply concentrated on her pussy. Maybe he didn’t care. Maybe he just wanted to make her explode and go home to his wife, if he had one. The sight of his wet fingers sliding in and out of her pussy wasn’t fully real. Eyes were too easy to deceive, but her body was screaming the truth.

The other man was standing over Elizabeth, calmly gliding a palm held vibrator over her clit while his fingers rapidly fucked her. She suddenly gasped deeply and clamped harder on Sakura’s hand. Her body tensed while her face twisted into a mask of implosive relief.

The younger woman felt as if Elizabeth’s release were running into her own body like an electrical current. She gasped and clawed at her own breasts with her one, free hand while Rafe’s unforgiving hands roughly guided every throbbing sensation into her skin.

In the end, she was breathless and dazed. Elizabeth let go of her hand, while each of the men rearranged their feet on the cushions of their chairs. There were both wiped down with towels while they caught their breath. Then each of them was massaged with lotion from their feet to their half numb pussies.

The men finally got up, picking up their things, then moving to leave. The other man walked out without a word, but Rafe paused and looked back.

“I knew you’d be sweet as sugar the moment I saw you. My thanks to Miss Elizabeth for this special treat today.” Then he was gone.

The two women sat a long time without talking.

“Are you okay?” Elizabeth finally asked.

“I’m…not sure.”

“Mmm. Me, too.”

“Do you do this often?”

“Every month. Sometimes more.”

Sakura thought a moment or two. “It was very…”

“Yes,” the blonde said quickly. “It always is.”

“Thank you. I hope it was okay…with me here.”

“Would you like to come again?”

Sakura smiled at her and then quickly averted her eyes.

“I thought you might,” Elizabeth said lightly. “Actually, it was nice…really nice…with a friend. But of course…you’re really much more than that. We will have to alternate with Rafe, though.”

Sakura smiled to herself and stood up, straightening her clothes the best she could. Elizabeth followed suit a moment later.

“Not a word to anyone, remember?” she said.

“Oh my god…never. I would just die.” Elizabeth smiled her classic smile, took Sakura by the hand, and together they made their way to the door.

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