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BrideGuide Tips on Nightwear for Newlyweds

Have you had a thought crossed your mind, “Will these old pajamas and t-shirts no longer be deemed appropriate night wear?”

As if the stress of shopping for your wedding dress and finding perfectly matching jewellery was not enough, I had to add “bridal nightwear appropriate to wear” on your shopping list. Lucky for you, I did all the research, and here’s the definitive bride’s guide to night wear. BrideGuide Tips on Nightwear for Newlyweds:

1. Conservative Bride

As my mother suggested, buy a nightie. Or as it’s called these days, a nightdress. Of course, since it was my mother’s suggestion, it also came along with an image of what an aunty would wear to sleep (no offence, mom!) Thankfully, there are plenty of options these days that scream “newlywed” and NOT “aunty”. Buy one with fun prints, or a satin one with slits on the side. You can also buy a plain night dress with a floral cover-up to add a fun element to the outfit.

2. Somewhat Conservative Bride

You want maximum coverage outside of the bedroom, but you want something typical of a newlywed-young-bride and a nightie just doesn’t make the cut. While you can’t walk around in a babydoll, a chemise (with an optional robe coverup) and slim fit pajamas will do the trick. Walk around the house with all 3 items, and sleep off comfortably in just the chemise.

BrideGuide Tips on Nightwear for Newlyweds
3. Sexy Bride

If the thought of having 3 different clothing items on you is painful, join the “I’m just going to wear sexy lingerie, wedding be the best” club. My mother’s jaw almost fell to the ground when I suggested to her, “instead of trying to wear a nightie, which I’ve never worn before in my life and will probably feel really uncomfortable in, why don’t I start wearing sexy lingerie such as a transparent sleep dress or a garter set or a sexy corset or maybe perhaps role playing lingerie?” But once I had something sexy in mind, just let it go. Pajamas in feminine colors, try think bright pinks, royal purples and sunny yellows and paired with comfortable stocking and panties are fairly easy to find. You can consider wearing a bodystocking too! You can also consider wearing a tank top/cami and panties underneath, so that you can slip off the pajamas when you’re going off to sleep in the unbearable summer heat.

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