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Bridal Lingerie Guide

Bridal Lingerie Guide
Want to really spice up your wedding night? Buy a few select pieces of lingerie to really get your husband’s engine purring. No matter what his fantasies – and no matter what your body shape and size – you can find some great options at online lingerie sites in every size and style. Sexy lingerie can really make your honeymoon sizzle, so if your budget allows, consider getting a different surprise for every night!

Since lingerie is a long term investment, don’t be afraid to get a selection of colors although having white, ivory, or a soft light pink for the actual wedding night is a nice touch.

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Things to consider when choosing honeymoon lingerie:

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# What will you wear under your wedding dress?
You will certainly want to choose the right balance between comfort, control, and sexy. For example, this would be a choice between pantyhose or garter, and smoothing control garment versus a loose-fitting chemise or nothing at all. If you’ll be wearing a g-string throughout the whole reception, is that a style that you will be comfortable in or should you choose less sexy but smoothing control bottoms that have full coverage under your dress?

# When do I put on my wedding night lingerie?
There is no one right answer to this. You can choose to simply peel off your dress in front of your new husband to reveal a garter belt (there is something quite naughty about this), or you may choose to take a moment to yourself after returning to the hotel to freshen up and put on your new sexy lingerie then. If you have bought a special, fancy piece of lingerie for your wedding night, then you will certainly want to make an entrance wearing it so that you can appreciate the look on your husband’s face. You might want to let him have the bathroom first so that you can then take your time in there, and then he will be all ready to engage with you upon your entrance wearing your new sexy little number.

# How easy is it to put on?
Many brides don’t consider the fact that after their weddings, they’ll be tired, cranky, and perhaps nervous. If the lingerie you choose is going to be difficult to put on, save it for another night or, at the very least, do a test wear at home.

# What does your husband like?
Some men prefer girly lace and pink panties while others get aroused at the thought of black leather or a naughty red lacy number. You should be comfortable in whatever you choose, but also go for a style that your husband can really enjoy. We think the baby doll lingerie styles are very sweet and sexy, and, because you don’t need to take them off when making love, they might help you feel more relaxed if you are feeling self conscious.

# Will you feel good wearing it?
If you’re worried about showing off a certain part of your body or are self-conscious in any way, the most risqué of all bridal lingerie probably isn’t for you. You want to feel comfortable with your body around your new husband so you need to choose pieces that make you feel good about yourself.

# What about plus size lingerie?
Keep in mind that at most online lingerie shops, you can find both regular and plus sizes. For flattering plus-size lingerie, this top pick was recommended by Oprah. So, if you aren’t a size two, don’t worry. Your new husband already loves your body and will certainly enjoy it accented by sexy silk and lace.

# How much do you feel comfortable spending?
Online prices range from very affordable to pricier. There is a great range to choose from that will fit any budget. Set yours early and stick to it but allow yourself a bit of luxury if you can. It is afterall your honeymoon so treat yourself and your husband to something fun and sexy.

MEN: Remember, women aren’t the only ones who can wear something sexy and fun on their honeymoon. Men may also enjoy a comfy new robe to wear around the hotel room so that there is no need to get fully dressed. Or even these fun boxers.

Wearing something sexy on your wedding night will help create that extra special feeling and, many years into the future, your lingerie will still remind you of this special time together. After the honeymoon, you may even consider saving one of the pieces to surprise your husband with on your first wedding anniversary.

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