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I’ve always been one of the skeptics when it comes to herbal sex boosters and those so-called virility pills. Mainly cause there hasn’t been any major proof or hard science, backing their claims to improve your sex life and sexual performance. Then there’s the outrages marketing ploys/practices etc. but then again some of these pills do contain ingredients researchers thought to enhance your sexual experience whether your young or old.

But the key is reading the label and getting the mix of ingredients right, so here is what you need to look for and what you need to avoid when looking to purchase male enhancement pills.

Won’t hurt you and might even help

You seldom find herbal cures backed by rigorous research, but there is evidence that some herbs are safe and offer beneficial qualities towards improving and solving sexual problems.

Ginkgo Biloba, probably one of the most studied herbal remedies, it improves blood flow throughout the body, relaxing tissue and increasing blood flow through the arteries. People suffering from vascular disease should make sure that their pills contain this herb making sure a plentiful of blood gets pumped to the penis. German studies show that 50% of impotent men who took 60 milligrams ginkgo a day regained their erections after just 5 months.

A safe dosage is up to 240 milligrams a day but doctors recommend starting off at 80milligrams.

Ginseng is thought by researchers to have qualities increasing hormone levels. It encourages the body to produce more testosterone as well as sperm.

Make sure the label reads designation panax, meaning it’s of American or Asian origin. The Siberian ginseng you will see in some products has not been as thoroughly tested.

Recommended dosage of 1 – 2 grams a day.

Avena sativa, this green little gem is thought to also increase sexual drive, low libido and raise testosterone production. Research showing more than 60% success.

L-arginine encourages the increase of nitric oxide which is believed by urologists to have a vital link to the blood going to the penis.

A suggested dosage of 500 to 1000 milligrams.

St John’s wort being a major headliner when it comes to stress relief will help those men who’s sexual problems are linked to stress.

For depression or stress take 600 to 900 a day.

Won’t hurt you, won’t help you either

The following herbs, though harmless will leave your pockets as well as your sex drive empty.

Damiana has a large following of folks that believe in it’s aphrodisiac quality’s including erection enhancement and curing infertility but, unfortunately there are no proper proof or research to back these claims

Sarsaparilla a flavoring in American root beer, but used in Latin America as an impotence remedy. Root Beer sales are staying stable but, for if there was any proof to sustain this claim it would most likely sky rocket.

Dong Quai is one of the most common herbs being used by Chinese healers but be aware as the main use of this herb in china are for women.

Definitely won’t help and could have serious repercussions

These products or herbs might even do more harm then good, so be aware and before considering trying a product consisting of one of these first consult your doctor.

Yohimbe even though it has proven to work, dilating blood vessels and allowing a fuller erection it is not a herb to mess around with. Large doses may cause anxiety, increased heart rate, headaches and hallucinations, so be careful.

Spanish Fly isn’t that popular anymore and considered unsafe for human use cause of all it’s negative effects including severe abdominal pain, bleeding, painful urination etc.

Royal Jelly may have a sexy reputation seeing that it is produced by the queen bee, but it has no research to back it up. Royal Jelly has been linked to severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks as well as death.

So on that note be safe before buying a sex pill and only trust the best…

Source by Mike Dawson

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