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African Sexual Herbs, They Will Change Your Bedroom Life Forever

Are you dissatisfied by your sexual life? Are you having a week erection? Is early ejaculation your problem? Is it a small penis? Are these problems affecting your sex life? I am going to introduce you to African sexual herbs that have been in use in Africa since time immemorial. The evidence of usage of these herbs lies in the high child birth on the continent and stickiness of women to their partners despite the low level wealth. Many men have more than one wife openly and none of them is complaining. It is not an easy fit.

There is the ‘mulondo’ herb. This is indigenous to East Africa. The ‘mulondo’ is used to control early ejaculation and increase your erection. It targets those parts of your body responsible for sexual stimulation and ejaculation. It increases the stimulation as well as increasing the blood into your penis. The result is a longer sexual performance and a stronger erection.

Many African men are capable of having sex with their several wives on a daily basis leaving each of them satisfied. They allocate each woman a day and each woman is always looking forward to her day with her husband. She knows that he will perform effectively thanks to the ‘mulondo’ herb.

Then there is the ‘Entengo’ which is common in Southern Sudan. The ‘Entengo’ has been used in the societies of Southern Sudan for a long time. People in these societies discovered a long time a go that a penis can only grow normally to a few inches. They discovered that a normally grown penis can hardly satisfy a woman. They went to the forest in search of herbs to remedy the problem and they discovered the ‘Entengo’. This herb is used often with exercises to grow penises of children from an early age. When used consistently the penis takes on a new dimension gradually. That is why men from these regions have longer than normal organs.

These herbs can be used by any one from anywhere with the same results. It does not matter where you are we all have the same sexual problems. And well have the same physiology. As long as you are human and have the same human make up like the rest of us the ‘mulondo’ and ‘entengo’ herbs will assist change your sexual capability around. Your color does not matter. Where you are does not matter. These herbs work. That is a fact.

How Do I Take The Herbs?

The herbs come in a powder form and they added to liquids such as milk or tea as often as you want. You can add the powder herb to your morning or evening tea. Just a spoon full of the herb is OK.

The herbs are not dangerous and the dosage does not matter as they do not have any chemicals in them. These herbs have been extracted from plants and have been used in African traditional societies since time immemorial without harming anyone.

How quickly will I see a change

The herbs work quite quickly. But it all depends on how dedicated you are in taking the herbs on a daily basis. The second factor is your genetic make up. Some people respond more quickly than others. But there is one fact, you are going to see a change in your performance. That will happen.

Societies using the herbs currently

A great number of African societies have been using this herb since time immemorial. Because of ‘mulondo’ and ‘entengo’ African societies are very young. The average age is fifteen to twenty years You can verify this. You are going to find an old man of eighty years of age still very much sexually active. This all thanks to ‘mulondo’ herb. This herbs keeps men in tip top form sexually and it is a fact.

Source by Salva Kenyi

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