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A Big Girl’s Lingerie. Before I jump into why I’m talking about lingerie, I want to introduce myself first. I’m Kayashino Zanz, this year turning 21, still 20 for the time being. I started plus size modelling in 2010, which was an amazing year for me as well. I joined the first plus size pageant organized by TKS & Sons, Miss/Ms Amazing Singapore 2010. Being a plus size person ( or you can simply say I’m fat), I don’t deny I’m fat, because its a fact, people who know me will know, sometimes I make jokes out of myself as well. Like I can roll etc.
But, this is not a sign of feeling inferior.Sometimes I imagine myself to roll around like a meatball? Or some round thing? That’s because,I’m a fan of cartoon, and sometimes in cartoon, round things roll around, and I think its funny, sincerely.

I believe in myself strongly, not here to boast how much confidence I have.
But I do believe I’m beautiful + cute. Some people say, beauty without brains is nothing, but again, brain is not something you could see on the first impression.
Looks, something you could see within 1 min? Is something important.

As for me, it doesn’t matter to me whether they feel that I have brains or not, or whether I’m simply a vain pot. What’s really important to me, is how I upkeep myself, in terms of physical outlook. As a plus size girl, I try to upkeep my figure, which is why, although I’m fat, you don’t see my tummy oversize my b
ust. I always keep myself in some form of “shape”, the bigger ones will
always be bigger, although the sizing may be bigger, but the proportion is still there.

Another part, as a skincare consultant, I strongly believe in maintaining good skin, because our body is covered mostly by skin, come to think of it, the whole body, is covered by hair and skin, and the largest proportion is skin.

SO? If you have beautiful skin, MOST of you, is beautiful. I take care of my hair and skin, by maintaining my beauty regime and doing hair treatment daily.
Which is why, I’ve better skin than others, you hardly see me with zits/blemishes. And I rarely have split ends on my hair(you have to search to find one), although it is already at hip length.

OK, after saying so much about myself, what has it got to do with lingerie?
I’m so vain, and, as a vain girl, clothes is a must have. Before joining the pageant, I always have difficulties finding pretty plus size clothes at affordable
price. Usually, the pretty ones with cutting that flatters my figure are the ones at Dorothy Perkins/Mark & Spencers, they usually cost $80 per piece. To me, at that point of time, when I’m still a full time student, is considered very expensive.

But, after joining the pageant, I got to know about plus size boutiques and thus, got my source of plus size clothes at affordable prices. BUT, I always wanted to get lingerie for myself, the choices of lingeries in plus size shops are
quite limited, or else, some of them just don’t suit me.

ITS SO HARD TO FIND A SUITABLE LINGERIE AT AFFORDABLE PRICE T_T Just when I was searching for lingerie online, almost to the extend of ordering from US and
shipping it back to SG, I found “XXX Lingerie“! They’re a local online shop selling lingerie with a range of sizes which caters to plus size girls as
well. The best thing is, their lingerie range are so pretty and yet is selling at a fraction of big brands!

Maybe some of you can’t understand how HAPPY I am when I found the lingerie that suit me. I can explain why, hahaha! I’ve always wanted to get comfy and pretty lingerie for myself. But I just can’t find it no matter what, searching for months and months, not finding it in the local market,the feeling just SUCKS!!T_T

Wearing a piece of good lingerie can help to shape your body, give it the right proportion and even “hide” your tummy! Another thing is, some people think, plus size girls will never look nice in lingerie. SO NOW, I shall post some pictures of myself in the lingerie I got from XXX Lingerie, nice or not, you decide
Personally, I’m quite satisfied with the lingerie.

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